2. "People often ask me how TWLOHA works. What’s the dream? What’s the goal? The more the years go by, the more simple my answer gets. These days it goes something like this: The dream is people knowing that it’s okay to be honest and it’s okay to ask for help. The dream is people choosing to stay alive. The dream is you never giving up on your story because no one else can play your part, because there’s still some time to be surprised. That’s why TWLOHA exists and that’s what “No One Else Can Play Your Part” is all about."

    - Jamie Tworkowski, Welcome to Suicide Prevention Week 2014

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    hooray for the ladies


    who are using their fame


    to get shit done


    (not intended to be a complete list)

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    As a college student you’re either struggling academically, financially, or emotionally. Or all three.

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    God bless

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  7. When I’m pouring shots and my friend says she only wants a little bit

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    I love this picture, wow

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    Favorite People: Amy Poehler

    The minute anybody makes you feel weird and non-included or not supported, you know, either beat it or tell them to beat it.

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  10. Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas reunite to perform “This Is Me” and reenact the scene from Camp Rock [Staples Center, LA - 9/27/14]

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